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National Grid plc is a multinational electricity and gas utility company headquartered in London, England. Its principal activities are in the United Kingdom (where it owns and operates electricity and natural gas transmission networks) and in the Northeastern United States (where as well as operating transmission networks, the company is a producer and supplier of electricity and gas). National G


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None (Former Employee) says

"You can have the poorest performing Manager in ISD team, but if you are a girl and possibly sleep with your Immediate Supervisor, he will cover you up, you will be saved and no one is going to know about it. On the other hand if you are a man, more educated and qualified than your immediate Supervisor, bluntly tell him right and wrong on his face and don’t polish his shoes, you will be thrown out of the company. Company needs to fire existing ISD team and bring in truly Qualified membersNoneYou can perform poorly, but if you “satisfy” your boss, you are safe"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Do not work here, but if you want to be stressed out put down and made to a robot please apply the salary is small and they want a lot you’re monitor all day if you do 99 things right only thing that is brought up is the 1 thing that was wrong NoneThe work is more then they could ever pay"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Time spent at Grid can never be replaced. The corporate speak is loud, but actions scream the truth. The culture is that of a lazy untitled union with a nurtured management stepping over one another to raise to the top.PayLife balance"

Genius (Former Employee) says

"If you want unrelenting pain for a pittance then National Grid are the toss pots for you! Useless incompetent numbskulls for managers, haven't got a scooby do about anything. Nuff said"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Poor pay rate for doing multiple jobs ($16)no respect for employees, supervisors wants to talk to employees as if they're nothing .No job security,national grid can be a good company if they fire these nasty supervisor. They don't like taking customer calls,they roll their eyes at you especially Long island call center department.NoneEverything is wrong with this location."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Unfortunately the call center is ghetto and supervisors suck. They make you feel bad when you ask a question. Calls can be holding and they will not tell reps that are off the to get back onNoneA lot"

Director of Accounting (Current Employee) says

"This company only promote PWC people, ignored experience and valuable employees.The company often reorganize almost every year in different departments. Only if you are buddy with the boss then you might get promoted to VP, other than that don't even think about it"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management is all about themselves. Management does no wrong and the worker is looked down upon. If an individual in management messes up that person gets promoted and relocated. If a worker messes up you will get wrote up and a letter in your file and disciplined. HR will build a case against you from the day you are hired and will look for something negative against you until something is found and will fire you. The union is in bed with the company. The union has no power. Stressful environment and poor management. . If you are a skilled worker and want to make money and enjoy your day then don't work for National Grid. You are just a number. When National Grid is done with you and what you can do for them they will throw you away like an old tool. There are better company out there and with better benefits. Hopefully someone who is applying for a job with this company will take these words to heart and pass this company by. The company has changed for the worst. Not like it was when it was Niagara Mohawk and management is not there for the worker. Its all about how much money management and the stockholders can make. Not even an American company. It will be sold again in the near future.Flexible jobsPoor Mnagement and Management spys on you"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Stay away from this place because management would make even the happiest person sad. They talk behind people back, they act like children and are very irresponsible. They feel they can reprimand you in front of everyone during an emergency situation. The pay is horrible BTW. They have us doing to much and dealing with stressful situations with little help from management and a horrible paycheck2 15 minute breaks and a lunch breakhealthcare is an arm and a leg to pay for, hours not flexible, pay horrible, management high schoolers"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Too much favoritism and poor management. If u like supervisors breathing down your back about every little thing this is the place for u. Petty women who barely knows their jobs."

Technical Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Promise of permanent employment for just under 3 years and then they get rid of you for no reason. Poor work life balance Dreadful culture Highly policy driven Highly political environment Poor management No opportunities Use graduate labour to do all the nobody else wants to do often sitting around waiting for the day to end jobs and then get rid of 80% after the scheme finishes 60% made up of agency and contractors Unfair wagesNoneHorrible working environment and culture"

Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"AVOID This is a big company that basically has many people doing the same thing. For sure 10 other people are doing the same thing as you. They're hiring process is very weird as well. They constantly hire contractors that are good but are just from the same poolnoneparking, promotion, ethos"

worker (Former Employee) says

"The medical, dental and vision benefits are good for the most part but the union is not as strong as it used to be in the past. not a great work/family balance."

Senior Consultant (Former Employee) says

"bad experience. unethical management. made me TWO permanent full time offers which I declined. the managment tried to hire me way below market rate and then got upset with me and treated me unprofessionally (backlash) when I declined."

Manager, Gas Operations Controls (Current Employee) says

"revolving door often changing upper management so no leadership no sustainability need to be connected to someone to grow company hires and fires at will, so one day you are a king/queen and one day your are on street as a beggarhardly any to mentiona lot to mention"

IS Nobody (Current Employee) says

"IS department is 10 years behind tech wise. Decisions made on vendors that hurt the entire company without any common sense. IS management consistently brings in unqualified 'friends' to leadership positions and pushes others out.Some people great, benefits oknepotism, outsourcing, backstabbing"

Revenue Cycle Associate (Current Employee) says

"i worked there for 6 months. in credit and collections. collecting money every day and making phone calls. logging on to a spread sheet. i worked 730 to 4"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work for. The management is so unprofessional. They pick certain people they like and that is how the reviews go. Everyone who works there is miserable. It was the worst job experience I ever had.noneeverything"

Customer Service Representative Call Center (Former Employee) says

"The position was a seasonal position and it was not permanent. The environment was very stressful. My co workers were okay. The most enjoyable part was dealing with the customers that I provided customer service to.the work hoursshort lunches"

Superintendent of Construction (Former Employee) says

"Share holder value rather employees supervisor more interested in putting you down to make themselves look good. Manager don’t know who they have working for them or the value they could contribute. They listen to underlings who have a complex"

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